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Experience the excitement of having a Cigar roller at your next event to hand roll premium cigars, while entertaining your guests or customers with all aspects of the cigar-making process.

Our cigar roller will start from "scratch and you will witness the entire cigar rolling process from start to finish.


To top off this unique presentation, we can also customize your cigars with your name, picture, or event logo. Let us provide you and your guests a one of a kind experience that will set your event apart from all the rest! 


All Rock Paper Cigars are made with our signature rollers blend and are rolled to perfection by our Cuban-trained roller. We use only the finest aged tobacco to create this premium handmade boutique cigar. It is unique and extremely mild with exceptional flavor with no bitter/acidy after taste. This cigar is absolutely the smoothest hand-rolled cigar in the Midwest and is a must-have for your next event.

Cigar Rollers are great for:

*Corporate events                               *Private events

*Hospitality suites                               *Trade Shows

*Golf tournaments                               *Weddings

*Bachelor/Bachelorette parties        *In-Store promotions *Retirements                                         *Cigar nights

*Conventions                                        *Sporting events



Our calendar fills up fast, so book a free initial consultation with us today!

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