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Premier Cigar Rolling Service 



Rock Paper Cigars is a Cigar Rolling Event Service founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Owner and CEO Michael K. Baker to bring the exclusive and unique hand-rolled cigar experience to the Northeast, Ohio area.


Michael decided to learn the art and craft of cigar rolling over fifteen years ago, after enjoying a hand-rolled cigar while vacationing in the Bahamas. He thought it would be great if he could learn the delicate craft and share it with family and friends back home. After years of research and training with Cuban and Dominican Master Cigar Rollers, Rock Paper Cigars was founded to bring that sophisticated hand-rolled experience to Cleveland, Ohio.


Only high-quality wrapper and long filler tobacco leaves are use to create one of the best cigars you will ever smoke.


Rock Paper Cigars hopes to open your mind to the wonderful art of cigar making.  We strive to honor a history rich in culture and craftsmanship by transforming the raw tobacco product into a pleasurable memorable experience for all to enjoy.



Light Up Your Next Event

If you are looking for a fun and unique experience to add to your event, look no further.  Rock Paper Cigars will hand roll cigars at your event while educating and entertaining your guests with all aspects of the cigar-making process. Our mission is to create unforgettable celebratory memories, fellowship, and togetherness at your event.



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